Delhi news live: Arvind Kejriwal re-elected

News date : 12/Sep/2021

ACHIEVEMENTS of a social welfare organization or NGO are normally measured in terms of free education, nutrition, medical assistance and social upliftment irrespective of caste and creed. At Gurmat Bhawan, we, including our great volunteers, have worked ceaselessly to achieve this objective. It is a matter of pride and great satisfaction that we had been able to not only maintain but also upgrade this goal during the last three decades.

Maana ke is jahan ko
na gulzaar kar sake
Kutch khaar kumm to kargaye
Guzre jidhar se hum

We started our journey by caring for young children and senior citizens. We established a small orphanage to provide shelter and loving care to abandoned or neglected kids so as to absorb them in the mainstream of the society, later in their life. We also provided a day care center and a library for the relaxation of senior citizens.

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