Services provided by Gurmat Bhawan

General Services

AHALANA Orphanage

A small orphanage has been established, in a loving homely environment, to look after and bring up poor orphaned or abandoned young children.

PHULWARI Primary School

The welfare of the street children,  in the surrounding areas, is looked after  by establishing a free primary school. The students are provided quality education, transport, play areas, uniforms, books and nutritious mid day meals. They are also provided vocational training in meaningful trades e.g making candles, chalks, agarbattis etc. Deserving students are supported even passing out from the primary school.

Fateh Health Club ( GYM)

A well furnished modern gymnasium has been provided for the benefit of youth in the surrounding areas. Regular yoga classes are also held in the club.

Giani Ditt Singh Public Library

A public library has been established in a spacious room. It has more than 500 books on subjects of general interest. Daily newspapers, periodicals and magazines are provided in punjabi, hindi and english. It is open to everyone.


It is a day care centre for elderly persons. Members may come to the centre at any time during the day. They are provided with audio video equipment and newspapers. Tea and snacks are served twice a day. Periodic medical check up of members is done and free medical aid is provided, where required.


Old and new clothes are donated by the public. These are sorted out cleaned and stored for periodic distribution to needy persons.

Vocational Training Services


This center provides basic and advanced computer training to girls in the surrounding area. Well established, air conditioned hall is available for theory and practice. Government has been approached to upgrade this center for Computer Certificate course.


Tailoring and dress making courses of six month duration are conducted to train girls in cutting and stitching of garments. They are trained for manual and machine stitching.


Courses are conducted, for girls, to teach them basic cooking skills.


Training is given to children for shabad kirtan, correct recitation of gurbani and its interpretation.

Community Services

S. Mehnga Singh Saraf Free Dispensary

A dispensary has been established to provide free medical aid to poor patients. This dispensary is also OPD for drug addicts who come for rehabilitation.


A drug de-addiction and Rehabilitation Center was established in 1992 to provide medical and psychological assistance to the addicts.

It is actively serving the community for almost three decades now. The patients are admitted to the center after their treatment in the out patient dispensary.

A team of field workers and specialists goes to villages, schools and colleges to create awareness against alcohol and drugs.

Our NGO (Guru Nanak Trust Charitable) has been regularly receiving grant from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India for assistance to Disabled Persons Project & Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre Scheme.


Two or three, sponsored, eye operation camps are held every year to provide free medical treatment for eye diseases including operarions, for cataract and glaucoma, in an approved hospital. Operated  cases are given free  boarding and lodging, medicines, spectacles and after care. Normally 700-800 patients are examined in each camp and on an average 200 surgeries are  performed. 

Camps for Disabled Persons

This project was started in 1998 with initiative by S. Gurbachan Singh Sidhu of SEWA (Sikh Education and Welfare Aid),U.K. and active cooperation of other donors.

Orthopedic surgeon, doctors and specialists are in attendance to examine and assist patients. Surgical is provided where necessary. Other patients are supplied tricycles, wheel-chairs, calipers,  crutches, surgical shoes or walkers as appropriate. Persons with amputated limbs are fitted with artificial limbs.

Patients with hearing disabilities are examined and based  on the Audiometry test, hearing aids are provided.

Artificial dentures are provided to old persons who have lost their natural teeth.

Two or three such camps are held every year.

Our NGO (Guru Nanak Trust Charitable) has been regularly receiving grant from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India for assistance to Disabled Persons Project & Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre Scheme.

Baba Gursewak Singh Hall for non political community functions

A well equipped auditorium with audio visual aids and multimedia protection facilities has been set up. This hall is available for all sections of society for non-political functions and get-togethers.

GURMAT HALL with Guru Grant Sahib parkash

This is a big hall on the first floor. Satsang is held here every Thursday. The religious functions, connected with demise of a person, are also held here. Ample space has been provided on the ground floor for Langer on these occasions. These facilities are made available irrespective  of caste or creed.